Quality Assurance

Quality assurance should be performed throughout the project's life and can also be executed incrementally at specific points in the life cycle or be performed in a manner that is integrated into all project efforts.

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CyberSuite can provide recommendations to improve both the management and technical aspects of the project including evaluating project progresses, resources, budgets, schedules, and reporting.

ATO Package Review

Paying attention to detail and knowing what is irrelevant information versus significant information is key in making informed risk based decisions. The purpose of a security authorization package review is to implement a rigorous set of quality standards to ensure that applicable organization and NIST controls have been properly documented.

Assessment Review

Information systems are in a constant state of change with upgrades to hardware, software, or firmware and modifications to the surrounding environments where the systems reside and operate. Getting assessments as accurate as possible should be a cornerstone to a robust continuous monitoring program.

CyberSuite Quality Assurance

We provide management with an independent perspective on project activities and promote early detection of project variances.

  • Inheritance is offered/claimed correctly.
  • Assessment determinations are justified per test procedures and results.
  • Uploaded artifacts contain sufficient detail to establish their evidentiary credibility.
  • Work is fully completed, reviewed, checked, and edited before presenting to the government client management.
  • System level documentation review.
  • Assessment results, SAR and POA&M cross-check.

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